PLIX Green Elixir 15 Effervescent Tablets (Pack of 1), Supergreens Wholefood Multivitamins for Immunity Boost, Digestion and Detox with Vitamin C

Dosage FormTablet
Age Range (Description)Adult
Net Quantity1.00 count
Item FormTablet


About this item

  • Wholefood Blend: This rich blend of 13 superfoods and 8 essential alkalizing greens is carefully curated to provide your body with all the daily energy and nourishment for growth. The whole food blend takes care of all bodily functions through a delicious and fun way to drink.
  • Nutrient-rich: Each tablet has wholefood multivitamins that contain; Vitamin D3 in as much as 2 glasses of orange juice, Vitamin B12 in as much as 1 glass of milk, Vitamin B6 in as much as 2 bunches of broccoli, Vitamin C in as many as 3 Amala’s, Iron as much as 1 bowl of spinach and Zinc as much as 2 bowls of green peas.
  • Immunity Support: A daily dose of the tablet provides the body with protein, antioxidants, nutrients, and multivitamins. These help in improving digestive health, metabolism, balances body pH, boosts immunity, help in enhancing skin radiance and also improve bone health. Its anti-inflammatory formula helps in detoxifying the body, decreases acidity, and helps in hydration. Consuming this may also help in weight loss, relieving stress, and also boosting brain health.
  • Effervescent tablets: These tablets are made with a special fast-absorbing formula that makes it a fast and convenient way to consume all nutrients. It is specially designed to fit a hectic schedule that will ensure the body gets all the growth and nourishment it needs.
  • How to use: Drop 1 tablet in 200-300 ml of water. Wait till it dissolves completely and enjoys your drink. The recommended daily dose of 1 tablet can be consumed at any time during the day.


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